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Czech producer of industrial coatings and building materials, focused on surface treatment of steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces, wood and mineral substrates. The holder of ISO 9001 certificate.

Development - the basis for a successful expansion and development of the company is a highly professional R&D department. A team of experienced professionals and young creative chemists is perfectly accompanied by high care of the technicians. This allows us to deal promptly with the individual needs of our customers.


Production - high productivity and sufficient production capacity enable us to react continuously to the changing needs of the customers. Variability of the production facility provides the highest quality of manufactured coatings.


Quality Control - every single operation of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored. Every key step is followed by taking control samples. They are evaluated not only in accordance with ISO, DIN, IEC, ASTM, but also according to own company standards.


Logistics - professional logistics system and service enable our customers to get a perfect overview of the state of their orders. Information and precise planning is the foundation for smooth and time-coordinated supplies.


Know-how - get your own paint plant! The unique tinting system vitocolormix ® is the result of years of development. Thanks to this, we offer our customers not only the delivery times of a few minutes, but also high accuracy and clarity of tinting.


Innovation - due to precise testing, long-term testing and thorough evaluation of physical, chemical, and mechanical attributes of coating materials, we are improving the quality of our products constantly to the very top of current knowledge.


Future - the company with a development background, know-how, management system and quality control, stable production and permanent innovative process has no need to worry about its future. Only such a manufacturer can offer his customers ... colours of professionals


Reference - VITON ® coating materials are an excellent choice for long-term protection of surfaces. They serve their purpose in many various environments. The high quality of our products, together with reasonable prices are the main reasons for the constantly increasing demand.


Ecology - the same care as to the development and production itself is devoted to the environmental protection. Due to the installation of combustion and filtration facility, we meet the strictest emission limits set by the EU legislation.

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