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HAG 08

HAG 08 is an anti-corrosive water-borne acrylic primer

HAG 08 used as primer for steel structures, pipes, castings, pallets, boxes, containers, production lines, machines and equipment. It has an excellent adhesion on wood and mineral surfaces. Applicable by spraying, brush or roller. Suitable for painting products in indirect contact with foodstuffs, animal feed and drinking water.

Segment: water-born
Substrate: wood, masonry and plaster, concrete, galvanized steel, steel with old coating, new steel - mechanically cleaned, new steel - manually cleaned, aluminium
Paint type: 1C acrylate
Usage: self-primer, primer
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet:
HAG 08373.82 kBENdownload
Safety data sheet:
HAG 08244.29 kBENdownload
HAG 08 - Construction certificate metal587.04 kBCZdownload

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