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PE 33

PE 33 is a fast-curing self-priming two-component anti-corrosive polyurethane paint.

PE 33

Self-priming coating on steel, galvanized constructions, wooden and mineral surfaces, residential and material containers, production lines and conveyors without priming coat. Very high mechanical and chemical resistance. It is resistant against petroleum substances, oils and grease, increased humidity, dilute acid and alkali solutions. For the highest performance use airless spraying. For small areas use a brush or roller.

Segment: solvent-born
Substrate: wood, masonry and plaster, concrete, galvanized steel, steel with old coating, new steel - mechanically cleaned, new steel - manually cleaned
Paint type: 2C polyurethan
Usage: self-primer
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet:
PE 33376.37 kBENdownload
Safety data sheet:
PE 3383.56 kBENdownload

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