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CL 07

environmentally friendly cleaner, degreaser and stripper

CL 07

Used for cleaning application equipment, cleaning wet or dry waterborne paints drips, degreasing surfaces before application of any type of paint and removal of old paint, dip for long enough. Applying by the a spray-gun, a brush or a towel. After short effect of CL 07, the surface must be wiped with a clean and dry towel. Depending in the degree of grease use a new towel. After use CL 07 rinse the surface with clean water! Do not use to adjust the viscosity of paints. CL 07 does not contain either acids or alkalies.

Usage: special
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet:
CL 07351.27 kBENdownload
Safety data sheet:
CL 07232.44 kBENdownload

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