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ZE 53

Self-priming epoxy paint 2in1

Fast-drying two component primer and top-coat (2 in 1) for heavy corrosive environment. Suitable for INTERIOR coatings of steel constructions, stables, dairies, laundries, canning plants, conveyors, production lines, machinery and equipment, underground storage facilities, pipelines and mineral substrates (heavy-duty floors). It has excellent adhesion, chemical and mechanical resistance. It is resistant against petroleum substances, oils and grease, increased humidity, permanent submersion, dilute acid and alkali solutions. For the highest performance use airless spraying. For steel surfaces use an appropriate priming coat. ZE 53 can be applied directly to the surface without primer. ZE 53 can be applied as a top coat on primers ZG 11, ZG 13, ZG 16, ZG 17, ZG 19, too.

Segment: solvent-born
Substrate: masonry and plaster, concrete, stainless steel, galvanized steel, new steel - mechanically cleaned, new steel - manually cleaned
Paint type: 2C epoxide
Usage: self-primer
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet:
ZE 53377.12 kBENdownload
Safety data sheet:
ZE 53351.94 kBENdownload


PLAMOSTOP P9 is a water-based fire protective intumescent coating material.

SSpecial one-component middle-layer coat for fire protection of steel construction in the enviroment type "Y" - indoor enviroment and partial exposure. Possible use only in the VitoFire V1-V4 systems certified for the EU corresponding to ETAG 018. The film thickness of Plamostop P9 is neccessary to calculate particularly for every object. It is also used to increase the fire resistance of reinforced concrete structures, based on the determination of the concrete thickness equivalent to increasethe tension of reinforcement, calculated according to the dimension table. It can be applied by a roller, brush or airless-spraying. Applicable only by a trained person possesing a valid certificate. Appropriate priming coats: KG 13 or ZG 13, finishing coats: KD 53, PD 53, HAE 30 for reinforced concrete structures.

Segment: water-born
Substrate: steel with old coating, new steel - mechanically cleaned, new steel - manually cleaned
Usage: special
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet:
PLAMOSTOP P9375.53 kBENdownload
Safety data sheet:
PLAMOSTOP P9180.60 kBENdownload

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