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AE 31

Acrylic primer and topcoat 3in1

AE 31

Quick-drying, universal paint for small and large surfaces without using a primer. It can also be used for coating galvanized and aluminum surfaces, eaves, window sills, roofs, pipes, wood and medium-loaded floors. The second layer  can be applied 45 minutes after the first layer or after 16 hours with a brush / roller application. 

Segment: solvent-born
Substrate: wood, concrete, galvanized steel, steel with old coating, new steel - mechanically cleaned, new steel - manually cleaned, aluminium
Paint type: 1C acrylate
Usage: self-primer
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet:
AE 31589.72 kBENdownload
Safety data sheet:
AE 3183.46 kBENdownload
AE 31 - Construction certificate metal587.04 kBCZdownload

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